Book Review: ‘Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham’


Written by Mike Mignola and Richard Pace

Art by Troy Nixey

It’s Gotham City, 1928. Twenty years have passed since a madman slew the parents of young Bruce Wayne, heir to one of the city’s oldest fortunes. Twenty years since he fled the carnage of Gotham.
But now Bruce Wayne has returned—and hell has followed. A terrible thing from beyond space and time has awakened. The Lurker on the Threshold has called its faithful servants—immortal sorcerers, reptile men, beings of eldritch cold and fungal horror—to feed our world into its gaping maw.
If the Batman hopes to end the horror, how terrible must Bruce Wayne become?


Plot summary taken from Amazon product description. Slight spoilers below…

This was seriously fantastic. This graphic novel is like a mix of everything I love: a Mignola style, Batman and Lovecraftian horror.

It helps that the comic is set in the late 1920’s. This Batman is out-matched for most of these issues, his tech wholly un-prepared to battle the unwholly creations summoned by a very eldritch Ra’s Al Ghul to do what Great Old Ones from beyond are want to do.

Part of the fun of Batman graphic novels like this one is seeing how the creators twist around familar tropes and and villains of The Dark Knight. This one has a portal opening Two Face, an insidious Poison Ivy and a fun use of the Oracle.

These three issues pack in a lot of incredible detail and horrifying art. This is a must read for any Lovecraft or Batman fan.

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