HUNTER is now up on Goodreads!

Happy Monday everybody! We are about 8 days from release for my short book HUNTER. Pre-orders will be up soon, but for now I’ve added it to Goodreads for those of you awesome enough to use it. Here’s the link if you want to add this to your ‘To-Read’ Pile.

Here it is in all it’s neon-slasher glory. 

The Hunter Cover
HUNTER, available on Amazon Kindle on October 23rd! The best 80’s style Slasher Screenplay ever!

And how about a plot summary!

SCREAM if you are able

It’s three days until Halloween in the sleepy town of Bellamy Lake, Michigan.

For Jennifer and her friends, the old campground on the edge of the woods is the perfect place to let off some steam. They’ve got their beer. They’ve got their weed. They’ve got a long weekend to spend at the cabin, away from the stressors of their college classes…

RUN if you can

But these woods hold a terrible secret. An EVIL older than the land itself. And this EVIL has a face. And a knife. And a bow. Jennifer and her friends are not prepared for wait waits them in these woods.

You are the PREY

HUNTER, a Slasher Screenplay, is a story from a different time. Come for the gore. Come for the horror beyond your understanding. Read the script and watch these teenagers try to survive. Because…

The HUNTER has arrived.

And while I have you here… If you like Goodreads, I have a little bit of an author page on there. I update it frequently with what books I’m currently reading, and it’s the perfect place to chat with me about whatever horror awesomeness you’re currently reading. Reading is fun, dudes!



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