2019, the Year of the Fungi Monsters

thunderstorm mountain

Despite my best efforts to freeze time, 2019 has arrived. With the New Year comes 12 months worth of opportunities. As a writer, that means a lot. This industry takes time, so it’s good to get out ahead of it and lay out some goals. I wanted to keep them relatively simple this year.

Write a Story a Month!

I absolutely destroyed my backlog of stories this year for submission. It’s a good thing, but also kind of a bad thing… I only have two stories in the coffers to send out. That is unacceptable. I focused on writing stories specifically for theme anthologies, which doesn’t make them easy to send out to other places. If they weren’t accepted, I had to stash them away. I have a pizza-horror themed story that I now have nothing to do with.

So I need to refill the coffers! One story a month, edited and waiting to find a home. It is an easy goal, especially considering I have 4 or 5 stories that are half way done and just ready for me to pick them back up again. I would like to eventually have enough quality stories to put into a collection.

Reading Challenge! 30 Books!

I slayed my Reading Challenge for 2017 and 2018, and I’m back for another round. I had trouble hitting my number this year, and I don’t have any excuses for it. I have a momentous TBR pile lurking in the shadows of my guest room. I will be battling that beast over the next twelve months. Follow me on Goodreads, and stick around here to read some reviews. And speaking of reviews…

Do More Freelance Work!

I’ll be writing reviews for a newly stood up website! I’ll be partnering with horror author Michael Patrick Hicks for his new site High Fever Books. I’ll be posting any pieces I do over there on here for your reading pleasure. I’ve got some interesting ARCs coming my way to review, and I couldn’t be more excited.

But I want to do more freelance work outside of that! Time between short story publications can take awhile, so it helps to try and get my name out on various websites. I want to do some film pieces, and maybe a video game piece or two as well.

Submit 25 Times in 2019

I hit the very strange number of 24 for my submissions in 2018. I would like to submit 25 different times in 2019, and I’ll be tracking the numbers right here on my site. To hit this number, I’ll have to write a lot more stories, which thankfully ties into number 1 on this list!

I’ve designated 2019 as the year of the fungi monsters. Why? I don’t know. It sounds cool. And maybe I’m working on a story about fungi monsters. Just maybe.






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