Halloween Behind Closed Doors

Photo credit: International Pictures

It’s nearly Halloween, and the horrors of 2020 may never end. We’ll be spending everyone’s favorite pumpkin-centric holiday from within the warm comforts of our living rooms. This—of course—leads to plenty of indoor activities. The CDC says that this is the best way to avoid getting sick, and only idiots don’t listen to the CDC.

October was a busy month for me. My work is still hectic, but I’ve found time to celebrate all things horror in the dwindling twilight hours. Of all the movies I watched here in October, I think that my personal favorite is the unbelievably terrifying Ghostwatch. I bought a DVD copy off of Amazon UK, and it may creep it’s way into my all time favorite horror flicks. Watch Ghostwatch. You won’t be sorry.

Books! I just finished the absolutely sinister Dark Tales, written by the legendary Shirley Jackson. I also enjoyed the lyrical horror of Richard Gavin’s Grostesquerie and Jonathan Raab’s layered blitzkrieg The Crypt of Blood: A Halloween TV Special. I’m currently reading The Turn of the Screw with my wife (The Haunting of Bly Manor was SOOO GOOD) and the YA slasher Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis. I’m on track to smash my reading goal. Easy.

I’ve been playing some horror games on Itch.io in the evening (Faith, ANATOMY, Approaches) and I also finally drove the nail into the Dishonored series by finishing Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

I’ve also been pumping out horror stories and sending them out. I have 11 stories out on submission, and I got an acceptance a few days ago! This is the time of year to write horror, and I will be channeling all that energy into my keyboard until October’s final witching hour ends.

Happy (almost) Halloween! Stay safe, wear a mask, and please vote.

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