Last of 2020 (Wrap-Up)

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The year is over. I’d like to say that I’ll miss 2020, but I’m not a very good liar. This year was a wash in so many ways. But I’ve touched on how bad everything is a few times here on my blog, so I wanted to just say that and move on.

This is my annual wrap-up post, so I’ve come with plenty of things to share. Let’s talk fiction:


Pank Magazine Header.

It was a reprint heavy year for me, but I did have a few original pieces go out. The first was ‘The Mouth that Opens’, which was featured on the Nocturnal Transmissions podcast. It’s no secret how much I love this story, and I think the Transmissions team did an incredible job.

The next story was another audio reprint, this time in the newly launched ‘The Night’s End Podcast’. ‘They Come Crawling’ is a Lovecraftian piece that I originally published in a Miskatonic themed anthology. If you want some classic Lovecraftian, it’s the story to read.

’The Eldritch Film Club’ was published at Pank Magazine for their Halloween month. After that, I put up a story for National Cake Day over at my Curious Fictions page. These are both free reads, so you can check them out whenever.

The last story was published last week. ‘To Pull A Circle Straight’ was published in Exeter Publishing’s ‘From the Soil: A Hometown Anthology’. It features a fictional version of my hometown. Come for the pizza, stay for the vengeance.


In February, I launched a gaming focused website called Game Loot. It’s hosted over at Medium. I’ve been wanting to write about video games for quite some time, and Medium allowed me to explore and experience this in a very cool way. I wrote over 40 articles, including a few that I am very proud of. I’ve developed an audience, and I’m proud of the work.

If you’re curious, a couple of them really stand out. I wrote a beast of an article highlighting all the games I completed in 2020. I’m like it quite a bit—I worked on it all year long—and I think it’s very much worth a read. I wrote a very long piece on Persona 5 Royal, as well as an article about Pokemon Blue. I also wrote a piece on Shiny Pokemon for SUPERJUMP on Medium as well.

A website I used to write for went under, leaving a good number of my reviews unavailable. I’ve republished them here, with new links in my Bibliography section. I reviewed tons of great horror books, so if you are looking for a recommendation, I’d suggest going there.

Everything Else

I tried to fill my time in 2020. I played tons of video games, watched lots of movies, and hit my reading challenge goal over at Goodreads. That’s always a cause for celebration!

I was also interviewed over at Horror Talk Radio, where I talked about publishing and the industry as a whole.

I hope that the new year is better. I just got a huge acceptance, and I can’t wait to share that with everyone. I’ll also be working on putting a short story collection to shop around, but that may be a future goal.

Happy New Year, gang.

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