I’ve included links and publication dates for both my short fiction and non-fiction pieces published on other sites.

Short Fiction:


‘Ghosts on Film and Outside my House: A List’ – Published on ‘ALL GUTS NO GLORY’, February 2021.


‘To Pull a Circle Straight’ – Published in ‘From the Soil: A Hometown Anthology’, December 2020

‘A Slice for Delilah’ – Published on ‘Curious Fictions’, November 2020

‘The Eldritch Film Club’ – Reprinted in ‘PANK Magazine‘, October 2020

’They Come Crawling’ – Reprinted on ‘The Night’s End Podcast’, July 2020

‘The Mouth That Opens’ – Reprinted on ‘Nocturnal Transmissions Podcast’, June 2020


‘The Mouth That Opens’ – Published in ‘Sanitarium Magazine’, January 2019.

‘Hunting the Flame’ – Published in ‘The Elixir Magazine’, February 2019.

‘ The Matron in The Wood’ – Published in ‘The Chromatic Court’, March 2019.

‘Manifesto: Abnormality at Z33.1’ – Published in ‘’, March 2019*.

‘The Eldritch Film Club’ – Published in ‘Weird Mask Zine’, May 2019.

‘The Glowing Dark’ – Published on my blog, October 2019*.

‘The Crimson Terrors of Delamay Manor’ – Interactive fiction for ECTOCOMP 2019, October 2019*.


‘A Pickman Original’ – Published in ‘Pickman’s Gallery’, August 2018, Ulthar Press.

‘Night Shift at the Blue Acres Care Facility’ – Published on The Hooks of Horror Podcast, Episode Three, August 2018.

‘Halloween Freaks’ – Published on my blog, October 2018.*

‘Atmospherics’ – Published in ‘Déraciné Magazine’, December 2018.


‘The RoboCorn 5001’ – Published in ‘Fossil Lake III: UNICORNADO!’, February 2016, Fossil Lake Anthologies.

‘Lorelei’ – Published in ‘Not Your Average Monster, Vol. 2: A Menagerie of Vile Beasts’, February 2016, Bloodshot Books.

‘Awaken the Mother’ – Published on, June 2016.

‘They Come Crawling’ – Published in ‘Miskatonic Dreams’, November 2016, Alban Lake Publishing.


‘The Master’, ‘Blind Date’, ‘Always in The Dark’, ‘Transition Time’, ‘To Go Home’ – Published in ‘Tales From the Blue Gonk Cafe’, February 2015, Thirteen O’Clock Press.

‘Underground’ – Published in ‘Get Me Out Of Here!’, April 2015, Thirteen O’Clock Press.

‘A Live One’ – Published in ‘Sweat, Steel & Cruise Control’, Rogue Planet Press, August 2015.

‘Red Sands’ – Published on, August 2015.


‘The Mask of Black Satin’ – Published in ‘Spooklights’, August 2014, Muzzleland Press.

‘Midnight Sharp’ – Published in ‘Coming Back’, November 2014, Horrified Press.

‘I Am The Butcher’ & ‘Beneath Her Skin’ – Published in ‘The Haunted Traveler Issue 2’, November 2014, Weasel Press.



Horror Writing, Submission Process with Horror Talk Radio, November 2020.


(High Fever Books shut down in 2020, leaving a number of my reviews and features adrift. I’ve reposted them here and updated the links below.)


‘Final Cuts: New Tales of Hollywood Horror and Other Spectacles’ Review, edited by Ellen Datlow – Originally published at High Fever Books – April 2020.

‘Nox Pareidolia’ Review, edited by Robert S. Wilson – Originally published at High Fever Books – January 2020.

‘The Top 5 Games of 2019’ – Signal Horizon – January 2020.


‘Cthulhu Saves Christmas’ Game Review – Signal Horizon – December 2019.

‘Lock Every Door’ Review, by Riley Sager Review – Originally published at High Fever Books – November 2019.

‘Death Stranding’ Game Review – Signal Horizon – November 2019.

‘The Best Horror of the Year Vol. 11’ Review, edited by Ellen Datlow – Originally published at High Fever Books – September 2019.

‘Nothing is Everything’ Review, by Simon Strantzas – Originally published at High Fever Books – May 2019.

‘Sefira and Other Betrayals’ Review, by John Langan – Originally published at High Fever Books – April 2019.

‘The Very Best of Caitlin R. Kiernan’ Review, by Caitlin R. Kiernan – Originally published at High Fever Books – March 2019.

‘Will Haunt You’ Review, by Brian Kirk – Originally published at High Fever Books – February 2019.

‘Guignol & Other Sardonic Tales’ by Orrin Grey Book Review – The Elixir Magazine – February 2019.

‘The Worst is Yet to Come’ Review, by S.P. Miskowski – Originally published at High Fever Books – January 2019.