UPDATED: Announcing: HUNTER, Coming Late October


Due to formatting problems, I’ve delayed the release of HUNTER for a few days. It should hopefully be ready to for consumption by Halloween. Stick to this space for more information!

You are the PREY. He is the HUNTER…

Big announcement! My first book, HUNTER, will be dropping on October 23rd! It’s a horror screenplay, written as a love letter to Halloween and all the beloved slashers from the 1970’s and 1980’s!

The Hunter Cover.jpg

It will be digital only for now (Kindle and Nook) with plans for physical sometime in the future. It will be available for $2.99, which the perfect price to enjoy this nice little slice of slasher horror. The cover art was made by the supremely talented SkinCube (website here!) There will also be a score that will come free with the book, created by a musician friend of mine named Christian Perry (more on that in the future!). I will have more to come on this (link and plot details!) when the release date gets a little closer.


Battling in the Arena: ‘Red Sands’

It’s the last week of the month so that means it’s time for a little Shameless Self-Promotion. This will be short and sweet. Well. Mostly.

This week we’ll be looking at:

My story ‘Red Sands’ published on thewritersarena.com. Read the story here.


The Writer’s Arena is a genius idea. Basically the site gives two writers ten days to write a story based on a very specific prompt. Once the stories have been turned in they’re put on the site and they’re voted on by both a team of judges and by the readers of the site. I’ve participated in this literary grudge match twice and both times I’ve LOVED it. My story ‘Red Sands’ was from my first visit. My prompt was ‘Sand’  for this go around.

One problem I have as a writer is focus. This was a fantastic challenge in a lot of ways. The 10 day timeframe forced me to narrow my focus. The prompt kept me reeled in. And the voting made me work extra hard to make the story just right.

This go around in The Writer’s Arena made me realize something. Being challenged is a good thing. Creative muscles are just that. If you don’t flex them they can get weak.

Thank you for tuning into Shameless Self Promotion. Please follow me on Twitter, Instagram and also check out my Amazon page. I’ll see you all very soon!